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1. What counts as a document?

2. Does Goodfact process PDFs?

Any file that generates one or more facts in the chronology is counted as a single document. This includes: - Email threads (regardless of length, so an email thread with 20 individual emails and an email thread with 5 individual emails would both count as 1 document); - PDFs parsed out as individual documents as part of a bookmarked "compilation PDF". - Any PDF email attachments; - Any emails attached to other emails (up to 20 levels of embeddedness)

Yes! 1. Goodfact will process most "direct-saved" PDF email threads by parsing them into individual emails and displaying their text in an interactive summary. 2. Goodfact will use OCR to process most PDFs, and will place them into the chronology according to either the first date that appears on the face of the document or, if there is no date, according to the date the document was created. 3. Goodfact will parse bookmarked PDFs and process each individual document (see #2).

3. Where do you store your data?

4. How can I get my documents into Goodfact?

All of our data is stored in Canada. We are able to open servers in other jurisdictions. Just ask us if you're interested in learning more.

The documents can be uploaded as individual files, as PSTs, or in Zip folders. Outlook emails can be batch-uploaded using Goodfact's Outlook plug-in, which takes a few seconds to install.

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