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See the story behind your documents.

No more hours of manual data entry just to see who said what when.

goodfact extracts the key text of your documents, parses email threads, and instantly generates a sleek and interactive chronology.

So litigators can see their story.
And then focus on winning.

Uploaded documents instantly organized into a sleek and interactive chronology.

goodfact is an excellent addition to our tech stack to cut down on routine tasks and allow our lawyers and allied professionals do more.


As an insolvency lawyer and commercial litigator, I often deal with many correspondence  documents, and creating a chronology can be a mundane task, but necessary step in disputes.


goodfact allows us to do more with less and frees up our team to focus on practicing law and providing advice and strategy to clients.

Cody Reedman, Reedman Law

Document dump, beware.

Catch a live demo and see how goodfact will transform the way your see your evidence.

Or skip the demo and start using goodfact right away with simple per-matter, risk free pricing.

Along the way, we are here to answer your questions.

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