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Effortless chronologies

Welcome to an instant, accurate, and interactive chronology of your documents.

Facts matter. 
Context matters.

But building a good chronology takes forever. Until now.

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PDFs sorted chronologically and viewable as an image or text

Bookmarked PDFs parsed into individual documents

Instantly analyze and extract key points from each document

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Email threads parsed and sorted chronologically

Instantly see who knew what and when in real time

Watch the plot thicken as each party’s internal communications get added to the story

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Customizable extractive summary of each document

Identify and display the critical sentences of every document

Paraphrase the document while retaining access to the verbatim text

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Tags and comments to analyze your story

Start crafting your argument right next to each fact

Filter by tag to isolate the critical facts for affidavit or examinations

Get to know

Some of the firms using Goodfact to get their facts straight.

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“Goodfact empowers its users to focus litigation resources on high value fact analysis and those who use it enjoy a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing legal marketplace.”

Commercial litigation partner, Hamilton, ON

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