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Goodfact use case #439: Finding the needle in the haystack

We all know that within the massive pile of "potentially relevant" emails our clients forward us, only a fraction will be important. The ratio could easily be 1%.

But the amount of labour that goes into finding those key emails is staggering, often with minimal payout.

Because before you can even start looking for the really juicy evidence, you need to organize all those long and confusing email threads into a chronology to make sure you have full context and you didn't miss anything.

To add insult to injury, will the client really pay you for all the time you put into parsing hundreds of email threads, the vast majority of which turned out to be unimportant? Or will you write off a lot of that time?

What if you could:

1. Dump your "relevant" email threads into a box on your screen and get a chronology of those threads in a few seconds;

2. Scroll through your screen to find the few emails that really matter to your case; and

3. Bill the client for 100% of the much less time it took you to do all that?

This is not a dream. Welcome to the new way to litigate, with Goodfact.

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