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Goodfact use case #396: Capturing your time

It's the end of the year and that means associates are scrambling to pack in the billable hours.

But what if you just had a busy week and (gasp!) didn't docket each task the moment you completed it 😮 ?

You forget about a ton of work, and billable hours fall through the cracks.

Which is why were so impressed when one of our customers showed us a clever way to tackle the "forgotten work" problem and maximize her billings with Goodfact.

1. She uploads all the recent emails related to a particular file;

2. With each email thread split up, she can see exactly who said what when;

3. She adds comments related to the work she did for each email and the time she spent on that work, along with a tag to categorize the type of work.

4. BAM! Time, captured.

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