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Goodfact use case #344: Identifying misreps real fast

Once upon a time there was a client who was convinced that the other side had lied to and conspired against him.

The "other side" was 3 major corporations with lots of sophisticated personnel and lawyers, etc.

So naturally, the client's lawyers thought he was insane and kept warning him that his lawsuit was doomed to fail.

But then it came time for productions.

And when the lawyers merged all of their client's emails with the opposing parties' emails in Goodfact, they could not believe their eyes.

As they scrolled through all of the interlaced email threads, they realized that the other side was telling their client one thing, and then immediately sending internal emails that completely contradicted that same thing!

As in, the defendants were lying through their teeth.

And now the lawyers could instantly pinpoint those lies because Goodfact dethreads emails and places each individual email in chronological order, which lets you zero in on exactly who said what and when.

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