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Goodfact use case #237: Actually building a chronology

This one occurred to us during a demo.

The young associate seemed unclear on how Goodfact could help him. But after we asked him a few questions, we realized a major blind spot in the conversation: He was not building chronologies for his files, even when they involved a substantial amount of documents (100+), including email threads!!! 😮

Instead, he simply "glances through" the documents to quickly "get a sense" of what happened before starting to draft his materials.

After recovering from our shock, we realized that in the non-Goodfact world, building a chronology has become such a tedious chore that some litigators simply don't bother, regardless of how important it is for their file.

That is sad and scary! And completely avoidable. Now you can just drop all those documents into Goodfact and get a detailed chronology in a few seconds.

Knowledge = power 💪

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