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Estates Litigation

Get the critical facts from years of family correspondence, batches of trust accounting documents, and complex medical records.

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Email threads parsed

You need to get a feel for all of the parties and see who said what and when.

Goodfact parses email threads and places each individual email, color-coded by thread, into chronological order so that you get the full story without missing anything or spending hours on a manual chronology in Word or Excel.

PDFs organized

You're inundated with invoices and receipts to compare to trustee banking records. You have years of medical records to review.

Goodfact organizes all those PDFs chronologically, whether attached to an email or not, so you instantly see all the key documents in one place.

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Start your analysis

Skip the manual data entry and get right into the case. Goodfact lets you make comments and tags by issues, properties, or legal tests right inside your chronology.

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