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Our story.

Goodfact was born when one litigator had to review 1,000+ email threads for a complex contract dispute. After spending too many hours building a chronology in Excel, she sensed that there must be a faster, more efficient, and more accurate way to see her story.

Soon she joined forces with a senior software engineer to build Goodfact, a game-changing platform that generates an instant, accurate and effective chronology so that litigators can spend their precious time on advocacy.

Meet the Team

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Tali Green

Litigation Lawyer

Tali is a commercial litigation lawyer. She obtained her JD from the University of Toronto. She thought of Goodfact while building a manual chronology.

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Thomas Rubbert 

Software Engineer 

Thomas Rubbert is a software engineer with over 15 years experience working for large and small companies, including Gusto and AWS and a passion for the legal tech industry.

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